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What is Yii?

It’s a short acronym for the phrase “Yes it is”!


Going as per its name, the name itself addresses and solves the most common issues amongst today’s users. Is it fast? Or is it responsive and secure? Will it work? Yeah, as the name says- yes it will..!!


Yii is an open Source PHP framework which has been developed in component based MVC architecture and uses object oriented programming paradigm at the same time. Since the year it got released, Yii framework development has paced to give users what previous PHP frameworks lacked.


Many companies in the market are now providing Yii development services around the world but only a few are successful in their approach. Working its way out Enuke has been working for Yii development in India and delivering its customers what they want and always stands up to their expectations.


How is Yii ahead of other frameworks?

Yii has many salient features which includes the most advantageous features of others frameworks as well like:


Why should you developed application in Yii?

The reason for switching to Yii framework is quite obvious by now. If you are looking for a web application framework which loads in practically no time and is secure and professional on the other hand and the design is responsive as well, then you are talking about Yii PHP framework.

Fixing the drawbacks of previous web application frameworks it also holds the useful advantages of previous frameworks something our Yii developers at Enuke call a mixture of all which is good and resourceful.


Yii framework's consistent and impressive performance in responsive designs has attracted many users worldwide and is continuing to grow at a tremendous rate. It is expected to cover a more than a million websites by the year 2015.


Our Yii developer team has an extensive knowledge of Yii framework and has been providing our global customers the perfect Yii development service so far with satisfaction and positive feedbacks.

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